Compute Manager Features

Compute Manager offers a complete set of capabilities for users to run and manage HPC jobs from an easy to use web portal, and allows system managers to easily configure and maintain HPC environment settings remotely. Additionally, Altair offers highly skilled services for a seamless deployment and customization of the products when required. Services span from installation on clients and/or servers to the complete setup of a turnkey HPC private cloud solution.

Simplicity and Ease of Use

  • Powerful yet easy to use Web-based interface for submitting and monitoring jobs in PBS Professional queues
  • Automation of job submission tasks
  • Single click to upload input files and submit jobs (after specifying the input files)
  • Ability to browse and modify remote files, minimizing the effort needed to write, modify and test complex application scripts
  • Installation wizard that assists users through setup process -- so you're up and running in a flash


  • Automated staging of input and output files
  • Ability to diagnose remote jobs without downloading huge results files
  • Ability to concurrently monitor and control jobs from multiple clusters at once
  • Application Definition language helps structure and standardize applications
  • Provides end user with a mobile accessible platform to monitor their jobs
  • Flexible user authentication (integrates with industry standards)

Power and Interoperability
  • Can mix local and remote files within the same job submission
  • Consistent job submission and monitoring interface

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